Learn About Google Rank Brain To Boost Page Rankings

Did you know that Google is much smarter than you think?

Did you know that they long ago departed the dock where they matched up keywords found in searches to keywords found on websites? That’s right, using something called Google Rank Brain they guess the meaning of what a searcher is trying to find in the search engine results.

That means it is much smarter than most of us think. It implies that Google Rank Brain makes inferences and guesses accurately about what a searcher wants to find when they run a search. That’s why Google has come away from an emphasis on keywords alone, which became something of a plague on it going into and up to its algorithmic change signified in Panda in 2012.

By the time Hummingbird hit the map in 2013, its artificial intelligence has become more effective at sorting the results that it finds. Ok, so we know that it can make guesses based on word choices what people want to find.

Even Google Cares About First Impressions

It makes guesses also about how effective a site will be to deliver goods, services, products, and information to searchers. How does it do this? It’s not rocket science, though it might be easy to assume it is that complex.

Instead, remember Google uses inferences and online hints to determine how well a website will meet the needs of a search. For instance, say that most of your searches occur where you live, Seattle. This summer you are traveling through Japan and will be staying in Tokyo for three weeks before beginning a new long-term assignment there.

If you were to search for new computers, it might take you to Japanese websites because you are in Japan. Though, it might focus on English-speaking companies. It will adjust based on location.

It will also adjust based on how well sites have curated information, on how solid of an online reputation they have, which includes how stable they are. For instance, you need a new computer bag in Japan.

Maybe there is an outfit in Tokyo that delivers computer bags and computers to your hotel or home. They have been in business for 15 years and have a long-established reputation for providing the best service, with the most loyalty to its customers. They make an effort online by keeping their social media up to date, and sending newsletters.

Rank Brain uses online hints to send traffic to sites. It guesses which sites offer quality to searchers. That’s the basic secret. If you want your website to rank despite what Google changes you can approach a Sydney Consultant for SEO